Proof That Money Doesn't Buy Happiness (Freak Files)

May 1, 2017

Drowning In Money

Here's proof that money doesn't buy happiness.

A sea turtle in Thailand is lucky to be alive after veterinarians removed a thousand coins from her stomach.  The 25-year-old sea turtle lives in a pond in the town of Sri Racha.  People in Thailand believe its good luck to throw coins on turtles. But, the reptile has been swallowing them.

Doctors x-rayed her and found 11-pounds of coins in her tummy. The weight of the money had even cracked her shell. Vets removed the money, along with two fishhooks, and the turtle is recovering.


Flower Shop Owner Steals Plants From Graves at a Cemetery – and Resold Them!

Some crimes are lower than others. Police say a flower shop owner stole plants and other items from graves at a New Jersey cemetery for months – and then resold them in her store!

Surveillance video footage from the First Reformed Church Cemetery in Riverdale, New Jersey caught a woman in a minivan taking the plants off the graves, and police officers recognized her as a former police dispatcher and current flower shop owner.

When they went to the flower shop to interview 59-year old Lynda Wingate, they discovered all the plants she had stolen had been re-potted and put up for sale.  Stupid Criminals!!

 Lynda was arrested and charged with the “theft of moveable property.”


Count The Zeros

How about the guy who was sure he'd won $10-thousand dollars in the lottery, but he was wrong.

In fact, when STEVEN LARSON of Red Wing, Minnesota tried to cash in his winning Minnesota Lottery ticket, he found out it was actually worth ten times as much.

Instead of $10-thousand dollars, Larson won $100-thousand dollars. Larson says the first thing he's going to buy is "a big steak to grill."