Proof We're Getting Old:  A New Kids on the Block Fan is Suing for a Broken Hip 

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November 29, 2016

Yes, You're Getting Old:  A New Kids on the Block Fan is Suing for a Broken Hip 

Remember when you were young and in your prime, and HANGIN' TOUGH with the NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK

What happened to those days???  A woman is suing the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia because of something that happened when she saw the New Kids there last year.

What exactly did happen?  Well, she slipped on some kind of liquid on the floor, fell, and BROKE HER HIP.  She's not suing the band, just the arena. 


The "Rogue One" Presale Was So Intense That Fandango Almost Crashed 

If there were any doubts that the stand-alone "Star Wars" anthology movies would have the same hype as the other “Star Wars” movies, check out this!

Presale tickets for "Rogue One" went on sale yesterday and the demand was so intense that was overwhelmed.  There were reports that the site actually crashed, but Fandango says they were able to, quote, "continuously serve a record number of customers, despite some intermittent slowdowns."

They say they sold hundreds of thousands of tickets for opening weekend within minutes of the tickets going on sale.  Some customers did say they were experiencing long wait times, time-outs, and other issues.  "Rogue One" hits theaters on December 16th.

Kanye West Still Isn't Stable Enough to Be Released From The Hospital

There has been speculation that KANYE WEST is faking his illness to cash in on a huge insurance settlement, but it’s beginning to look like it’s pretty serious. 

He's apparently STILL in the hospital, because he wasn't stable enough to be released yesterday as planned.  And there's no longer a timetable for him to go home.  Meanwhile, "People" magazine says Kanye has been having "episodes" like this for years and it's usually KIM KARDASHIAN who pulls him out of them.

But she's been having her own issues, you know, like being robbed at gunpoint in her hotel room in Paris.  So she hasn't been around to coddle him.  Of course, Kim IS with him now, around the clock.