Python Neck Massages are REAL! (Freak Files)

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March 20, 2017

Would You Let Someone Wrap a Python Around Your Neck For a Massage?

I love a neck massage, just not a neck massage like this: 

A salon in Dresden, Germany is offering clients neck massages . . . with a PYTHON.  They literally wrap a four-foot python around your neck, and as it slithers and crawls around, all of the muscles in its body massage your neck.

According to the owner of the salon, people LOVE the snake massages and there's a ton of demand for them.  They cost about $40 for a half hour. 

Click here to see a picture of a woman getting one.


Lots of Money In Makeup!

Police in Los Angeles are looking for a group of thieves who really love make-up.

The LAPD is investigating the theft of millions-of-dollars’ worth of eye shadow from a cosmetics warehouse.

Cops say the bandits cut through the roof of a storage building that holds products from Anastasia Beverly Hills. They got away with 100-thousand packs of "Modern Renaissance" eye shadow worth $4.5-million dollars.

So far, there aren't any suspects.


A Guy Makes His Girlfriend Hike to the Top of a Mountain So He Can Propose . . . and They Both Have to Be Airlifted Out

Proposing on top of a mountain peak is pretty romantic, but you also have to think about practical stuff.  Like, maybe don't do it in 90-degree heat . . .

George Begalla and Katie Woodford are from Ohio and were on vacation in Arizona last Thursday.  George decided to propose at the top of Camelback Mountain in Phoenix, which is about 3,000 feet high.  So they hiked to the top together . . . he popped the question . . . and she said yes.

Then right after the proposal, Katie started hyperventilating and her muscles cramped up.  It turned out she was dehydrated and overheated from the hike.  So George called 911, and she had to be airlifted out by HELICOPTER.

Luckily she's okay, but after they rescued her, someone realized George's heart rate was way too high to walk back down the mountain . . . so the helicopter had to come back and rescue HIM too.

He told the local news that his proposal didn't quite go as planned, but it's a good story to tell. 

Click here are some photos of Katie being rescued.