Read The Terms Of Service On Apps Or Lose Your Kid

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July 15, 2016

98% of Us Would Give Away Our Firstborn Child?

When you're installing an app, do you read the Terms of Service? 

Spoiler alert:  I don't even know you, but I know for a FACT you don't read it.

A new study wanted to see just how many people read the Terms of Service, so they set up a fake social networking app.  And in the terms, they wrote a clause where anyone who clicked "Accept" promised to give the company their FIRSTBORN CHILD.

And . . . 98% of people didn't bother to read the terms and gave the company their child. 


Tennessee Woman Melts Bathtub Trying To Make Brisket

If this woman lived in Memphis, we’re guessing none of this would have happened – because WE know barbeque.

A woman in Knoxville, Tennessee attempted to cook brisket over an open flame in her bathtub.  Apparently, she lit a wood-burning grill inside her bathtub and placed meat on a wire rack across the rim before the heat melted through the tub's fiberglass exterior…causing a huge fire in the bathroom and bedroom of her apartment. 

She ended up calling 9-1-1.  Both the tub and the brisket were a total loss. 


The Arizona Diamondbacks Are Selling a Two-Pound, 3,540-Calorie Sundae

Baseball teams don't have to wait for the beginning of the season to launch ridiculous new options for GLUTTONY at their stadiums.  The All-Star break works just fine.

The Arizona Diamondbacks just announced a new product going on sale at Chase Field when the second half of the season starts tomorrow . . .

It's an ice cream sundae that weighs TWO-POUNDS.  It includes three big scoops of ice cream . . . chocolate syrup . . . sprinkles . . . whipped cream . . . brownies . . . and a waffle cone. 

The whole thing checks in at 3,540 calories, and will run you $25.   (click here to see a photo)