The Real Reason Jennifer Lopez Dumped Her Boyfriend

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August 26, 2016

Did Jennifer Lopez Dump Casper Smart Because He Ditched Her for the UFC? 

It's a familiar story:  Your girl wants you to go to a party with her, but the boys are doing something way cooler.  So you choose the boys, right? 

Here’s how it went down for CASPER SMART and JENNIFER LOPEZ.  TMZ says J-Lo wanted Casper to go with her to a fundraiser in the Hamptons for the Apollo Theater last weekend.  She told him it was really important to her.  But Casper wanted to see "UFC 202" in Las Vegas.

He chose Vegas, so she chose to be single.  A source says there wasn't even a discussion.  She was so upset she just ended it. 

Casper was completely blindsided.  He was telling people at the fight Saturday night that on Sunday he was flying to New York to be with Jennifer.  He had no idea he'd already blown it.


Ryan Lochte Has Been Charged with Making a False Police Report 

Authorities in Rio have officially charged RYAN LOCHTE with falsely reporting a crime. 

They'll want him to either come back himself or send a lawyer to answer the charges for him.  He could be sentenced to up to six months in jail or a fine.

There's no word yet if he plans to go.  His lawyer said, quote, "We intend to fully cooperate with the government as we have all along."

That’s the bad news for Ryan.  The good news is, he picked up a new sponsor:  Pine Brothers cough drops.  The company said it hopes people give Ryan a second chance because, quote, "He's a great guy who has done incredible work with charities.


Amber Heard Says Johnny Depp is Trying to Use Her Divorce Settlement For a Tax Break 

When JOHNNY DEPP agreed to pay AMBER HEARD a $7 million divorce settlement, she announced that she was giving it all to two charities.

Well, Depp said that he's going to just pay the money DIRECTLY to those charities.  Well Amber says he's just trying to get a TAX BREAK on the charitable donations.

She claims that Johnny's plan would basically cut what he pays IN HALF when you factor in the tax break, which would be breaking their agreement.  She’s now saying that if Johnny wants to pay directly, he needs to pay DOUBLE, or $14 million.  That way, when you factor in the tax break, he's STILL paying $7 million out of pocket.

Johnny has already started making the payments, though so we’ll see how it pans out.