Recycling Fights Crime (Freak Files)

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January 17, 2017

Recycling Fights Crime!

A New Hampshire woman's obsession with recycling led police to a bank robbery suspect.

GAIL DOUGHERTY of Woodstock saw a paper coffee cup in the trash and retrieved it so it could be recycled.  But, she found a crumpled up note inside the cup that read: "THIS IS A ROBBERY GIVE ME THE MONEY QUIETLY AND NO ONE WILL GET HURT."

Dougherty handed the note over to police. It turns out the same note had just been used in a Vermont bank robbery.

Cops took DNA samples and matched the note to 28-year-old ADAM KNIFFIN, who also happened to be dating Dougherty's maid.  He's now in jail on charges of assault, robbery, larceny, and a parole violation.


Man Gets A Ticket For Warming Up His Car!

A Michigan man is furious after being ticketed for leaving his engine running in the morning.

NICK TAYLOR of Roseville left his engine running to warm up his car on an extra-chilly morning. He says the car was running for about five minutes while he was in the house. He came back out to find he'd been issued a $125-dollar ticket.

Taylor posted a picture of the ticket on Facebook with the caption: "Every person warms up their car. We live in Michigan!" His post has been shared thousands of times.

But, Roseville Police Chief JAMES BERLIN is standing by the officer that issued the ticket. Taylor is fighting the violation in court.


Man Finds $1 Million Lotto Ticket While Cleaning House

A snowstorm his Logsden, Oregon last week, leaving Joemel Panisa trapped in his house for the day.

So, Joemel decided to do clean his office – which was a wreck.  As he was cleaning, he stumbled across a year-old lottery ticket — which turned out to be worth $1 million!!

He says that he bought the Mega Millions ticket back on January 15th of last year – but he just stuffed it in an envelope in his home office and completely forgot about it for almost 12 months.

With the jackpot set to expire just 8-days after Joemel found it, he braved the ice and snow to go to the lottery office and claim his winnings.

No word on what he is going to do with the money.