Restaurant Gives Customer A $30.95 Discount Because She Saw A Rat

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January 24, 2017

A California Restaurant Gives Customer A $30.95 Discount Because She Saw A Rat

How much is a rat sighting at a restaurant worth to you?

Well, the manager of “Fat’s Asia Bistro & Dim Sum Bar” in Folsom, California thinks it’s worth $30.95!

An unnamed customer at the restaurant reportedly saw a rat in the dining room during her dinner last Thursday and notified the staff, thinking that she would get to speak to the manager.

But the manager never came to her table.

Instead, she was given a receipt for her meal that included a $30.95 “Seen Rat” discount.  The restaurant is defending the manager, saying that he acted appropriately and immediately contacted a pest control firm, which could not find any sign of rats in the building.


These Cops Must Know About Stupid Criminals!

The police are just trying to make sure your drugs aren't bad, really.

The Sparta, Wisconsin, Police Department wants all drug dealers and users to know that there are some bad drugs making the rounds in their town. They would be happy to test your drugs for you to make sure they are exact what you paid for.

This is what they posted on their Facebook page:  "We understand how frustrating it is buying something and finding out it's not what you thought you purchased... like ordering a large T-shirt that turns out to be a size she-medium.  If you have recently purchased meth that you feel may be rock salt, please feel free to bring it to the Sparta Police Department for testing. Tests can also be conducted on any meth pipes, needles, or other paraphernalia items you have.  Don't delay, come and see us!"

No word on if anyone has actually taken them up on their offer.


And You thought Kangaroos Were Cute

It’s time for “When Animals Attack!”

Fifty-four year-old DEBBIE URQUHSRT, who's a personal trainer from Australia, was rushed to the ER for surgery after she was attacked by a kangaroo.

It tore her muscles down to her tendons and cut her biceps, also her back and neck! 

Quote, "I was running through a little track in the grass and he came out of nowhere. He was massive," she said. "He knocked me down and I was screaming and the more I was screaming, the more he was going for me. He sort of pushed me down with his back feet and then just sort of clawed at me, by me protecting myself, that's how my arm was ripped so badly."

Debbie says she plans on resuming jogging after she heals --but won't go back to that trail again.