A Restaurant in Japan Is Offering A ‘Trump Burger' (Freak Files)

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January 25, 2017

Restaurant in Japan Is Offering A ‘Trump Burger'

The restaurant “BLT Steak” in Tokyo is now offering a gourmet "Trump Burger" in honor of America's new president.

The burger costs a whopping $51 and is made of a 5-ounce filet mignon patty, Gruyere cheese, caramelized apple compote and shaved truffles.  

The burger is even designed to look like President Trump, having a slightly orange color and the apples arranged to bear a resemblance to his famous comb-over.


A Chef Threw Chili Powder in a Guy's Face for Complaining About the Food

You know what happens when you complain about your food at a restaurant.  Someone might spit in it --- or this: 

46-year-old David Evans took his wife out to an Indian restaurant in Wales on Saturday.  He complained that the meat was "tough and rubbery."  So the chef came out to talk to them.

David's wife says the chef was rude and started swearing.  So David followed him to the kitchen to get an apology, and instead, got a fistful of CHILI POWDER in his EYES.

A security camera got it on video.  The chef claims he thought David was going to hit him, so he threw chili powder in his face in self-defense.  It doesn't look like David ever touched him though.  Click here to see the video.

David says it was the most painful thing he's ever experienced, and he couldn't see at all.  He eventually went to the hospital in an ambulance.

His doctors had to tape tiny tubes to his forehead that kept dripping some sort of solution into his eyes until he could see again.  Apparently he could have gone BLIND.

The chef is facing assault charges. 

Click here to see pics of David right after it happened and at the hospital.


Stupid Ways To Die

Would you call this, “Stupid Ways To Die” or “When Animals attack”? 

If the word "Alligator" is in the name of the river, you might not want to swim in it.  A man, who was 47, was found dead, and yes, partially eaten, after walking across Australia's East Alligator River in the Northern Territory.

Police superintendent BOB HARRISON said, "Cahill's Crossing is notorious for crocodiles and to walk across it is just foolishness. You are tempting fate, knowing the size of the crocodiles in that area."

The man's two female companions made is across safely and did not see the attack but notified police when they realized that he wasn't behind them anymore.