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Ryan Lochte Is Suspended From Swimming For 10 Months

September 8, 2016

Ryan Lochte To Be Suspended From Swimming For 10 Months

Ryan Lochte will reportedly be suspended from swimming for 10 months and won't be allowed to participate in the 2017 World Championships as punishment for his lying, ensuing denials, and alleged vandalism in Rio during the Olympics.

This is his punishment from “USA Swimming” -- the body that governs competitive swimming in the U.S.  Ryan is also awaiting his punishment from the U.S Olympic Committee and the International Olympic Committee.

Neither Ryan nor his rep is commenting on the suspension, which is slated to be officially announced today.

Lochte is currently busy rehearsing for the upcoming season of “Dancing With The Stars,” which begins on Monday.


Gavin Rossdale and Tiger Woods' Ex-Wife Are Dating

Gwen Stefani’s ex, GAVIN ROSSDALE went on a first date recently with TIGER WOODS' ex-wife ELIN NORDEGREN

According to "Us Weekly", they were set up by mutual friends and they really hit it off.  A source says, quote, "Elin flies to L.A. on her private plane a lot.  They want to make it work."

Gavin and Elin were both involved in cheating scandals, but from opposite ends.  Elin WAS cheated on by Tiger, while Gavin torpedoed his married to GWEN STEFANI by spending a little toooooo much time with the nanny. 


Dos Equis Has Unveiled Its New "Most Interesting Man in the World" 

Dos Equis released a teaser yesterday, introducing its new "Most Interesting Man in the World". 

He's younger than the last guy, with brown hair instead of white.  And he actually speaks Spanish, even though he's played by a FRENCH actor named Augustin Legrand, who's 41.  He takes over for Jonathan Goldsmith, who was put out to pasture earlier this year at the age of 77.

According to the teaser, this new guy will be a lot more active.  And he can crack coconuts with his bare hands.  They'll start rolling out the new ads next month.