Santa Tells Kid to "Lay Off the Hamburgers and French Fries"

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December 8, 2016

A Nine-Year-Old Is Upset When Santa Tells Him to "Lay Off the Hamburgers and French Fries"

First of all we all know that the Santa Claus at the Mall is one of Santa’s helpers, right?  Santa can’t be at all the malls in America at the same time.

We also know that children today are larger than children used to be, and based on adult weight trends we're obviously in NO position to judge, but you have to imagine it wreaks havoc on Santa's lap this time of year.

A nine-year-old kid named Anthony Mayse went to sit on Santa's lap in Forest City, North Carolina last weekend, and asked him for an iPod Touch and a drone.

But at the end of their conversation, Santa told Anthony, quote, "Lay off the hamburgers and French fries.”  Anthony was really upset and started crying, and now his mom wants the city to fire Santa.

The town manager says Santa has apologized, but for now, he's keeping his job.

Click here to see a picture of Anthony and Santa.


Lost And Found: The Marathon Racer

It usually doesn't take this long to run a half-marathon.

MELISSA KITCHER of Sarasota Florida set off on a half-marathon Sunday morning and wasn't seen again for hours. Melissa’s husband got worried when she didn't come home, so he contacted race officials.

Sarasota County deputies eventually found her 12-hours later.  Apparently her cell phone froze up and she got off course, and wandered aimlessly around a huge, 25-thousand acre park until she was found.

Melissa says she was never really worried because she knew her family would come looking for her. She plans to run another half-marathon in March and finish it this time.


Look What I Found: Lost Class Ring

A Wyoming man who lost his class ring nearly 50-years ago has been miraculously reunited with it.

MIKE PEYTON says he threw his 1968 high school class ring as far as he could in a fit of teen anger. His girlfriend was wearing it when she broke up with him, which is what caused the emotional meltdown.

He never thought he'd see the ring again. But, a guy with a metal detector stumbled across it a few weeks ago.

It was inscribed with Peyton's initials, which helped the man locate him.

Peyton says he's happy to have it back and can now laugh about throwing it.