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Senator Kid Rock???

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February 17, 2017

Senator Kid Rock???

Well, nobody saw this one coming. 

Kid Rock has been proposed as a possible Republican candidate for a Senate seat in his home state of Michigan next year.

His name was reportedly suggested at the Michigan Republican Party convention last weekend, but no official decisions have been made.

If Kid Rock is successful in a political campaign, he would become the first Republican candidate to win the seat since 1988.


Most Americans Haven't Seen Any of the Best Picture Nominees 

Seven years ago, the Academy increased the number of Best Picture Oscar nominees from five to between eight and ten, so they could highlight more of the movies that people have actually SEEN.

Well, it isn't really working out that way.  55.3% of America hasn't seen ANY of nine movies nominated for Best Picture this year.

That makes sense, because only two of them have made over $100 million at the box office in the U.S., "La La Land" and "Hidden Figures".  Three have barely cleared $50 million, and the other four haven't even made $50 million.

It would appear that Americans don’t seem to care about Oscar-winning movies, and the data backs that up. Only 13% had seen last year's winner "Spotlight".  Only 20% had seen the previous winner, "Birdman”. 

The survey asked people to select the things that influence their decision to see a movie, and the #1 answer was:  The ACTORS who are in it. 


Justin Bieber Being Investigated For Head-Butting A Man

Justin Bieber is being investigated for ‘misdemeanor battery’ by the Los Angeles Police Department after allegedly head-butting a man at a pre-Grammy party last weekend.

The incident happened around 2:00 in the morning on Saturday at the Italian restaurant Serafina, where one of Bieber’s friends was hosting a private party.

Justin was goofing-off with one of his friends when he noticed a man recording them.  Bieber asked him to stop filming, but when the man didn’t obey him, Bieber rushed at him and head-butted him.  The victim called the police, but by the time authorities arrived, Justin had left the scene.

The unnamed victim actually declined to press charges against the Bieb, but the LAPD is still investigating the situation.