A Skydiver Jumped From 25,000 Feet Without a Parachute

August 1, 2016

A Skydiver Jumped From 25,000 Feet Without a Parachute

42-year-old skydiver, Luke Aikins jumped from 25,000 feet on Saturday, WITHOUT a parachute. 

He landed on a net 200 feet above the ground and it was only 100 feet long and 100 feet wide.  It happened in Simi Valley, CA.  It's the first skydive attempt without a parachute or a wingsuit, and he did it live on Fox. 

Just to give you an idea, 25,000 feet is only 4,000 feet less than the summit of Mount Everest.  So he needed an oxygen mask for the first 7,000 feet.  Then he handed the mask to one of the three guys with parachutes who jumped with him, and used GPS and lights on the ground to aim for the center of the net. 

He was free-falling for two whole minutes between 120 and 150 miles an hour.  He planned for two years, and he's jumped 18,000 times since he was 12.  But still, NO PARACHUTE. 

Click here to see the video.


A Woman Leaves Her Car Running So Her Dogs Can Stay Cool . . . and They Crash It Into a Walmart

I applaud this woman for taking steps to make sure her dogs didn't die in a hot car. 

A woman who's in her late 70s went to a Walmart in Wayne, West Virginia on Friday with her two dogs in the car.  She left the car running while she went inside so her dogs could stay cool with the air conditioning.

But one of the dogs managed to shift it into drive . . . and the car plowed STRAIGHT into Walmart.  Then the other dog rolled down one of the windows. 

Fortunately, no one was hurt, the dogs were okay, and there wasn't much damage to the car or the building since the dogs were going really slowly when they hit it.  The woman was able to drive the car home and she's not going to be facing any charges. 


Thieves Break Into a Car . . . and Accidentally Save a Dog Trapped Inside

It's hard to call a group of guys breaking into a car and stealing stuff "good news," but there's a twist.

Four guys smashed a car window in Chicago last week.  Then they grabbed a laptop from inside and ran off.  But here's what they didn't know. 

The person who owned the car had left their German shepherd inside, because apparently they're one of those IDIOTS who still hasn't heard that it's CRUEL and DEADLY to do that to your dog in the summer.

And if the thieves hadn't broken the window, the dog would've DIED, because the owner didn't get back to the car for an HOUR.  But thanks to the robbery, the dog survived.  The police haven't commented on the robbery.