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Someone Destroyed Trump's Walk of Fame Star

October 27, 2016

Plus more with Mike and Mandy's "Dirt Alert!"


Someone Destroyed Trump's Walk of Fame Star

Whatever your point of view is about the candidates, you hate to see things like this happen. 

Somebody destroyed DONALD TRUMP's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame early yesterday morning with a sledgehammer and a pickaxe.   The culprit was dressed as a construction worker and set up the scene like a work site.

He later said his goal was to REMOVE the star and auction it off for Trump's sexual harassment accusers . . . in case he delivers on his threat to sue them. 

But he couldn't get the whole thing up, so he just tore it apart and took the metal parts.


Could a Random Teacher from Pennsylvania Be Kelly Ripa's Permanent "Live!" Co-Host? 

On Friday, a Pennsylvania high school teacher named Richard Curtis co-hosted "Live!" with KELLY RIPA

He got the opportunity after winning a contest on social media.  And apparently, he was so good that he's getting another look.

TMZ claims he "blew everyone away," and he was so impressive that they're bringing him back to do another episode sometime next month.  But that's not all.

A source with the show says he's, quote, "very much in the running" to become Kelly's permanent co-host . . . and that "he was the best co-host since MICHAEL [STRAHAN] left." 

(Here's a clip from Richard's episode.)


Has Mariah Carey Been DUMPED By Her Fiancé?

Rumor has it that Mariah Carey has been DUMPED by her fiancé, billionaire James Packer.

Word around the ‘ol sewing circle is:  He dumped her because he’s sick of her “extravagant spending.”

James is very careful with his money and ever since he hooked up with Mariah, he’s been “hemorrhaging money.” 

James also didn’t like the fact that Mariah signed-on for a reality show, exposing their entire lives.

But here’s the icing on the cake!!!  An insider told Woman’s Day Magazine that James’ mother can’t stand Mariah.  She even banned people from saying Mariah’s name in her house.