Someone Took a Secret Video Of Kim Kardashian After She Was Robbed

October 14, 2016

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Someone Took a Secret Video Of Kim Kardashian After She Was Robbed

Police in Paris have started yet another investigation over the robbery of Kim Kardashian.

Apparently, someone recorded a secret video inside the Paris apartment where Kim had just been robbed at gunpoint. Kim is sitting on the couch, wrapped in a blanket, and FaceTiming with someone.

Now the police (and Kim’s legal team) are working to figure-out who recorded the unauthorized video.

In France, it is illegal to film someone in a private space without their consent, and it's clear that nobody was aware the video was being taken.

If the person responsible for the video is caught, they could face up to a year in prison and $50,000 in fines.  Kim’s lawyers have also ordered websites to remove the video.


Ken Bone Is Getting Endorsement Deals

Ken Bone, the undecided voter who asked the presidential candidates a question during Sunday night’s debate – and who went viral because of his red sweater, is now cashing in on his overnight fame.

He has signed his first endorsement deal.

Yesterday, Ken sent out a tweet saying, “Everyone wants to know if I've decided and I have. Uber-Select helps you ride in style, like me."  Uber-Select is an upscale option from Uber that lets customers ride in fancier cars.  Right now, it’s only available in St. Louis.

But, Ken isn’t going to be turned into an overnight millionaire.  He isn’t being paid ANY money.  Instead he has been compensated with free Uber rides.


NBC Is Working on a Singing Competition Called "The Stream"  

NBC's "The Voice" is the last remaining singing competition show, and now the network is developing another one. 

It's called "The Stream", and it’s going to be different.  There won't be auditions in front of judges, and there won't be rotating chairs.  Instead, musicians will submit their own audition videos on a dedicated digital platform like YouTube. 

Then, America will decide who they like.

The most-streamed performers will compete on a live weekly show and the streams of THOSE performances will decide who stays and who's eliminated.  The producers say the Internet discovered Justin Bieber, and they're hoping to replicate that sort of thing.