Squirrels and Blowtorches Don't Mix (Freak Files)

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January 18, 2017

A Guy Burned Down an Apartment Complex Cooking a Squirrel With a Blowtorch

Who knew that cooking roadkill indoors with an uncontrolled open flame could go wrong?

Back in October of 2012, a guy in Holland, Michigan found a dead squirrel and took it into his girlfriend's apartment to cook it up and eat it.  But, he had to remove its fur, and his method for that was a propane BLOWTORCH.  Well, the squirrel caught on fire, then the apartment caught on fire, then the entire COMPLEX caught on fire.

There's been a huge legal battle between the apartment complex and the woman's insurance company in the four years since the fire, and now, their long, roadkill cookin' nightmare is finally over.  The building and the insurance company just settled for $300,000.

There's no word on whether the woman and her boyfriend are still together, or if he's still eating roadkill. 


YouTuber Counts To 100,000

This guy on YouTube has way too much time on his hands.

Youtuber "MrBeast" uploaded a video that's 24-hours long.  In the epic clip, he counts all the way from one to 100-thousand.  

MrBeast says it actually took him about 40-hours nonstop to do all that counting but he sped up the clip for playback. He admits, "This is the most I've ever tortured myself."

His reason for doing it? He says he was "bored."

The video has racked up millions of views.

Mishandling The Dough And We Don’t Mean $$$

Some employees of a Jimmy John's sandwich shop in Florida have been fired for allegedly mishandling the dough.

A video making the rounds online appears to show the workers using raw bread dough like a jump rope.  As the employees jump over the dough, it's seen hitting the floor over and over again.

The owners of the local franchise say the dough in the video was never sold to customers and the workers have since been fired.