The Stinkiest Shoes In The World (Freak Files)

March 29, 2017

Alaska Boy Wins 42nd National Rotten Sneaker Contest

It's not often your smelly sneakers will win you a prize, but it is possible.

An Alaska boy named Connor Slocombe was the “proud” owner of a pair of old New Balance sneakers that were so stinky, he earned the title of "Smelliest Sole" at the “Odor-Eaters 42nd National Rotten Sneaker Contest” in New York.

Connor was given a golden sneaker trophy, $2,500 cash, a 2-night stay at a 5-star hotel in New York, tickets to a Broadway show, a spot in the "Hall of Fumes," and a lifetime supply of Odor-Eaters to keep his other sneakers in better shape.


Garbage Men Sifted Through 800 Bags of Trash to Find a Woman's Wedding Ring

46-year-old Shannon Lombardo of New York, recently cleaned her wedding ring AND her engagement ring.  She put them in a paper towel after and, accidentally threw it in the trash.

By the time she realized it, the city had already picked up the trash from her building.  So she figured they were gone.  But someone at the sanitation department told her not to give up.  So she and her husband went to a processing center in Jersey where they store trash before it goes to a landfill.

Workers were able to pinpoint which garbage truck picked up their trash, and narrowed it down to a pile of 800 bags.  Then two workers named Sekou Callender and Gabriel Moreno helped sift through it all, and Gabriel FOUND the rings less than an hour later.

Shannon says the rings have new meaning to her now, because it proved there's, quote, "hope and goodness in the world."  Gabriel says this type of thing is pretty common though, and they train for it.


Finders Keepers

Who would abandon a vintage Ferrari?

Police are wondering the same thing after they finally towed a 1990's vintage Ferrari off a London street after it had been sitting there for two years!

The car has been vandalized, mirror broken, one of the logos stolen off the car and the paint is oxidizing and turning green.

Police have the car and are still trying to find the owner.  Click here to see it.