Stranded Train Passengers Order Pizza To The Stalled Train

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May 16, 2017

Stranded Amtrak Passengers Order Pizza To Stalled Train

A pizza deliveryman in Delaware got an order from an unusual address: a stalled Amtrak train from New York on its way to Washington.

Passenger Mitchell Katz said that people on board the stalled train were getting restless after being left without access to food or water during the long delay and eventually some passengers came up with the idea of ordering a pizza,

Jim Leary, a driver for Dom's Pizza in Newport, Delaware, cut through a backyard, navigated a steep embankment and jumped over a water-filled ditch -- all while balancing the two pizzas -- in order to make the delivery.

He was rewarded with a cheering crowd of passengers and a total of $32 in tips.


Man Catches A 10-Pound Salmon ---- In Detroit

Brad Smyth (of Michigan) was fishing this weekend when he reeled in a massive 10-pound salmon. 

Now a 10-pound salmon is a hearty catch, but what makes this extra freaky is that he caught this gigantic fish ---- in the Detroit River!

The Detroit River isn’t exactly known for having salmon swimming in its waters, so this is a rarity.  Wildlife experts say that the fish probably traveled about 85 miles up the river before being caught by Brad.


A Woman Robs a Store and Gets Arrested, Because She Brought Her Dog Along

26-year-old Clara Aguirre robbed a burger place in Oklahoma City on Sunday while armed with a hammer, oh, and she brought her dog along for it.

It's a pit bull, but she left it outside.  So she didn't bring it to up the intimidation factor or anything.  She smashed a credit card machine with the hammer, and tried to take the entire cash register but it was bolted down.  So she broke it open, and ran off with a bunch of cash.

The cops eventually caught up with her though, after she took too long scaling a few fences because she had to help the DOG get over them.  Her dog actually started running WITH the cops while they were chasing her, and thought it was a game.  Stupid Criminals!!!! 

She's facing charges for robbery with a dangerous weapon. Click here to see her mugshot