Stupid Criminal Accidentally Shoots Out His Own Tires

October 3, 2016

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A High Speed Chase Ends When a Guy Accidentally Shoots His Own Tires

This idiot pulled off a one-in-a-million trick shot at the WORST possible moment of his life. 

24-year-old, Taylor Parker was in a high-speed chase with the cops in Des Moines, Iowa last week.  They pulled him over for a traffic violation, and he took off.

As he sped away he tried to get rid of the SHOTGUN he had with him, by throwing it out the window.  But when it hit the ground, it FIRED and shot out his own tires.

That ended the chase, plus the cops found he had a LOT of meth on him.  So he was arrested for possession with intent to deliver and possession of a weapon.  Click here to see his mugshot.


Denzel Washington Choked Aretha Franklin

Here's a sentence I never thought I'd say:  Denzel Washington just got arrested for strangling Aretha Franklin.

Seriously.  There's a 20-year-old guy in New York City whose name is Denzel Washington.  And his 52-year-old mother is named Aretha Franklin.  As far as we know, neither of them are related to anyone famous.

But back in January, they got into an argument, and Denzel CHOKED Aretha.  He was in court last week, and took a plea deal for harassment.  So he got probation and has to go to anger management classes. 


A 102-Year-Old Woman Got Arrested, Because It Was on Her Bucket List

Edie Simms of St. Louis celebrated her 102nd birthday last week by getting ARRESTED.

It was one of the few things she hadn't crossed off her bucket list yet.  So someone at her senior center got the cops to show up Friday morning, and act like they were busting her.

They put her in handcuffs and took her to the station, because she'd always wanted to ride in the back of a cop car.  But obviously they didn't charge her with anything.  So, 'fake arrested.'  But still . . . she's 102.

Apparently she spends most of her time sewing things like pillows and scarves for other seniors.  So it was a little more action-packed than her normal day and she loved it.

An added bonus is that the cops still managed to get her back in time for bingo that afternoon.  Click here to see a video of Edie and the cops.