Stupid Criminal Asks Police to Search His House For Ghosts -- They find meth instead

October 12, 2016

A Guy Asks the Cops to Search His House For Ghosts -- They Find Meth Instead

The police in Colfax, Louisiana got a call earlier this week from some people who saw one of their neighbors wandering around his yard in a bath towel and talking to his trees.

When they got there, 26-year-old David Maxwell was VERY happy to see them because the REASON he was outside was because there were GHOSTS in his house.  So he asked the cops to go inside, search the house for ghosts, and arrest them.

The cops went in and their search didn't turn up any ghosts, but they did find out why David was outside wearing nothing but a bath towel and talking to his trees.  They turned up lots of drugs.

David was arrested for possession of crystal meth, possession of illegal prescription painkillers, and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Stupid Criminals!!!  Click here to see his mugshot.


A Woman Gives Birth in a Walmart - But Makes Sure to Pay For Her Stuff First

A pregnant woman was shopping at a Walmart in Payson, Utah on Sunday morning when she went into labor.  .

So she asked the manager to call 911, but that baby was COMING, so the staff ran to grab towels and blankets to help deliver the baby right there in the checkout line.  Meanwhile, the woman used that opportunity to PAY for her stuff.

The manager says, quote, "[She] was down on her knees and she insisted on paying for her merchandise and we're like, 'You know that's just not important.'  We were going to take care of her on it."

But she paid anyway, then she had her baby.  And that's when the EMTs finally showed up and took them to the hospital.  They're both doing great. 


Someone Actually Saved a Life Doing CPR to the Beat of "Stayin' Alive" 

They say that when you do CPR, you should do chest compressions to the beat of "Stayin' Alive"

It sounds silly, but apparently it actually WORKS.  A subway worker named Monique Brathwaite was electrocuted on the third rail when she tripped and fell this past Friday.

A co-worker named David Martinez rushed to her aid.  He said he remembered reading the thing about the BEE GEES tune, so he did it, and it she survived.

Martinez said he's, quote, "grateful because she's going to have a second chance at her life."