Stupid Criminal Calls 911 To Report His Stolen Cocaine

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July 19, 2017

A Drug Dealer Calls the Cops to Complain Someone Stole His Cocaine

Just because you formally identify your career as "drug dealer" doesn't mean that's a LEGITIMATE job.

35-year-old David Blackmon from Fort Walton Beach, Florida called the cops early on Sunday to report a robbery.  David told them he's a drug dealer, and someone stole his bag of cocaine out of his car.

I'm not exactly sure what he was hoping for from the cops, but they came out, searched his car, found a DIFFERENT bag of cocaine, and arrested him. Stupid Criminals!!! There's no word if they ever tracked down his stolen drugs.  Click here to see his mugshot.


Woman Gives Birth In An Uber Car

Before you sign up to be a driver for Uber, ask yourself if you are okay with a woman giving birth in your car.

A woman named Erica Davidovich and her husband, Niv, called an Uber when she started having contractions at their home in Los Angeles. Erica thought she would have plenty of time to make it to the hospital, because her previous 3 children all took a long time to arrive.

But they weren't far in their journey when they asked the driver to pull over and Erica gave birth to a healthy baby boy in the backseat of the car.

The Uber driver says he remained calm and took the family to the hospital after the baby was born.  He also says he isn’t too worried about his car, saying he cleaned it up in a few hours.


A Bank Robber Is Busted After He Gives Out Suspiciously Big Tips

Is this a case of a bank robber having a heart of gold, or just being stupid by throwing his stolen money around? 

A 45-year-old guy named Jonathan Meyers from Nokomis, Florida robbed a bank in Key West on Monday morning.  And then he took his new cash and used it to give BIG TIPS at a restaurant.

The cops were trying to find the bank robber when they got a call from the restaurant owner saying it was suspicious that a guy was in there tossing around $50 tips.

So the cops went to the restaurant and arrested Jonathan for bank robbery.  Stupid Criminals!!! 

Click here to see his mugshot.