Stupid Criminal Calls Police After Father Burned His Marijuana Plants

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July 11, 2016

Man Calls Police After Father Burned His Marijuana Plants

Some people really don't think before they do things.

An Australian man called police to complain that his father had burned all of his marijuana plants after they had an argument.

When police showed up, the angry son confessed to illegally possessing the marijuana plants – just so that he could get his father in trouble!

The police didn’t file any charges against the son OR his dad since all of the evidence had been destroyed.


Just An Everyday Hero!

Congratulations to STEPHANIE CHAVEZ of Fort Wayne, Indiana, who strutted her stuff at the World Beauty Fitness Fashion competition and won 1st place in the Transformation Division.

The 30-year-old mom was horrified when she went to visit Harry Potter World back in 2010 and was too big to fit on any of the rides.  

She promptly went on a diet, lost a whopping 160-pounds, and is studying to become a personal trainer.  She is also making plans to visit the theme park once again so she can go on all the rides.


A Teenage Girl Playing "Pokemon Go" Finds a Dead Body

If you haven't heard of "Pokemon Go", it's a new cell phone game that came out last week and it immediately became a MASSIVE hit.

And it's not like other video games . . . because it requires fresh air and physical activity.  You walk around outside with your phone out, and when Pokemon characters appear in front of you on the screen, you try to capture them.

Well, less than one week in, it's already led to one CRAZY result.

A 19-year-old girl named Shayla Wiggins in Riverton, Wyoming was playing "Pokemon Go" on Friday morning, and she wandered down toward a river to try to find a water monster.

But instead . . . she found a DEAD BODY.  And to her credit, she STOPPED trying to find Pokemon characters and immediately called 911.

The cops say they're trying to identify the body, but they think the guy died by accident.