Stupid Criminal Climbs a Tree to Get Away From the Cops - Then Falls

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February 22, 2017

A Car Thief Climbs a Tree to Get Away From the Cops - Then Falls

The problem with hiding in a tree is that there's only one escape route.

34-year-old Jacob Chosie from Knoxville, Tennessee ran from the cops over the weekend when they showed up to arrest him for stealing a car.

They had him cornered, so he climbed a tree.  They tried to talk him into coming down, but he wouldn't do it.  Some cops even climbed other trees nearby to talk to him face-to-face, but he still wouldn't budge.

And then, gravity stepped in.  Jacob lost his balance and fell out of the tree.  He CRASHED down to the ground and wound up with several broken bones.  Stupid Criminals!!!!

He was also arrested for burglary, trespassing, car theft, and resisting arrest. 


College Guy Grades His Ex's Apology Letter And Gives It a “D-“

Nick Lutz is a student at the University of Central Florida and he broke up with his girlfriend, Elizabeth, because he didn’t trust her.

But when Elizabeth wrote him a 4-page apology letter – he didn’t let that sway him into taking her back.  No.  Instead, he graded the letter and returned it to her!

Nick used a red pen to mark-up the letter like a teacher would, including critiques of her handwriting, grammar, and structure, as well as questioning the honesty of its content and the presence of "useless fillers."

He ended up giving the letter a 61% (which is a “D”).  No word from Elizabeth.


A Drunk Guy Vandalizes a Car, and Leaves a Note About His "Anger Isusesh"

A 53-year-old man was drinking and snowmobiling last month near Aspen, Colorado.  When he got back to his car, he felt someone had parked too close to him, making it difficult to maneuver out of his parking spot. So he started smashing up their truck with a BASEBALL BAT. 

Someone saw him do it and made him leave a note before he left.  In the note, he said he was sorry, and that he had anger issues.  But he spelled "sorry" with two Y's, and wait until you hear how he spelled ‘issues’!!!  He spelled it I-S-U-S-E-S-H.  So you'd pronounce it something like, ISS-you-sesh. (So yes, he was slurring his writing!!!) 

Apparently he had no problem getting out of the parking spot, because he drove off after that.  Cops finally tracked him down and arrested him.  Stupid Criminals!!!!

He's facing charges for felony criminal mischief.