Stupid Criminal Drives A Hearse Carrying A Pot-Filled Coffin

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May 2, 2017

Border Patrol Stops Hearse Carrying A Pot-Filled Coffin

Do you think it would be disrespectful to the dead if border patrol agents searched a casket for drugs? 

Customs officials said a white hearse traveling near Tombstone, Arizona was stopped by border patrol on suspicion of drug-trafficking. When agents opened-up the hearse, they found a large casket – and yes, they searched it!

It’s a good thing, too, because the casket was filled with about with 67 pounds of marijuana – worth over $33,000.

The unidentified driver of the hearse remains is a 28-year-old American man, and was arrested on narcotics-smuggling charges.


Road Warriors

Not even rolling his car over could stop this guy.

A man in Canada was speeding to catch his flight when he lost control of his car and rolled it over.  The car landed upright so he moved the airbag to the side and kept going to try and catch his flight. The worker at the toll bridge noticed the broken mirrors and deployed airbags and call authorities.

The man told police that he thought he might have fallen asleep at the wheel.  No arrests were made and the man was allowed to keep going, only this time, in a taxi.


A Company Is Hiring An Intern Who Will Be Paid To Go On Dates

Dating takes a lot of time and effort, and now someone will be paid to do all that work.

The dating app Clikd is looking to hire an intern in London, England that is over the age of 18, tech savvy, sociable, and willing to kiss and tell.

Some of the weirder job requirements include:  the ability to blog while hungover, decent taste in music, and having fewer than 10% of their photos on social media be mirror selfies.

The intern will also be expected to go on one date or night out a week for eight weeks.

The app hopes that the interns blogs about his (or her) experiences will make dating easier for their other clients.