Stupid Criminal Gets Busted Because He Stopped For Lunch

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November 14, 2016

Bank Robbery Suspect Caught Eating Lunch

Your appetite can get you into trouble if you're not careful.

Police in Reno, Nevada responded to a robbery of a Nevada State Bank location last week after a man showed a weapon and ordered the bank teller to give him money.

He allegedly left the bank with an undisclosed amount of cash, and then decided that the weather was so nice that it would be a good idea to stop and have a lunch at an outdoor café nearby.

He paid for his lunch with the stolen cash – and since he was eating outside – police quickly found him and he was arrested on suspicion of robbing a bank.  Stupid Criminals!!!


A Twin Is Born 31 Minutes Before His Brother . . . But Is Younger Because of the Time Change?

Here's one of those weird things that can only happen the night that we change the clocks back . . .

Emily Peterson from West Barnstable, Massachusetts gave birth to twins early last Sunday.  The first baby was born at 1:39 A.M.  Then at 2:00 A.M. the clocks were set back.  And 10 minutes later, the second baby came out.

But because of the time change, HIS time of birth was 1:10 A.M.  So even though he was born 31 minutes later than his brother, officially he's 29 minutes older. 


An Aspiring Weatherman Set a Wildfire to Draw Attention to His Facebook Videos

There's a guy in Kentucky who did something INSANELY stupid last week to try to get attention.  And he IS getting it, just not the way he wanted.

21-year-old Johnny Mullins from Jenkins, Kentucky is an aspiring weatherman.  He's been posting videos of himself making weather forecasts on Facebook for a little while now, but he hasn't built much of a following.

There have been a lot of wildfires in his area lately, so he came up with the horrible idea to SET ONE and film himself in front of it to try to get attention to his videos.  The cops quickly traced the fire back to him, and he was arrested for second-degree arson.

Fortunately no one was hurt in the fire, and the fire department was able to contain it.  And Johnny's video about the fire only got a few thousand views on Facebook.