Stupid Criminal Robs A Surveillance Camera Store

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January 9, 2017

Surveillance Cameras Catch a Guy Trying to Rob a Store That Sells Surveillance Cameras

Of all the stores in the world, it's MIND-BOGGLING that someone would try to rob this one.

A guy tried to break into a store in Deerfield Beach, Florida that sells SURVEILLANCE CAMERAS on Wednesday.  He used a rock to try to smash through the glass door, but it didn't shatter enough for him to get in.  So he tried to kick it, but it still wouldn't break, so he took off.

Believe it or not, SEVERAL surveillance cameras caught him in the act.  It would be awfully bad for the business if they hadn't.  The cops have all the different videos of the guy and they're trying to track him down. 


A Snow Park in Georgia Was Closed This Weekend . . . Because of Snow

There's a park just outside of Atlanta called Snow Mountain where people go for sledding, tubing, and building snowmen. 

But since Georgia doesn't exactly have a snowy climate, they have to make their own fake snow.  That was a problem this weekend though, when there was ACTUAL snow, and they didn't know how to handle it.  So Snow Mountain had to CLOSE on Saturday because of the real snow.

When they posted the announcement on their Facebook page, they said, quote, "Yes, we are aware of the irony."   


A Wanted Woman Sends a Fake Obituary For Herself to Her Local Paper

See, NOTHING ever goes right when a millennial tries to understand how a newspaper works.

21-year-old Anastasia Kline from Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania has been wanted on felony theft charges since September for passing $15,000 worth of bad checks to eight different banks.

Well, on Wednesday night, the "Beaver County Times" got an email with an OBITUARY for Anastasia.  It said she died unexpectedly the day before and a candlelight vigil was going to be held for her.

But there were a couple of problems.  One, the paper only accepts obituaries from the coroner's office or funeral homes.  Two, Anastasia had clearly sent it herself, since it was from her own email address that contained her full name.

The paper didn't run the obituary, and since it’s obvious that Anastasia is alive and well, we're assuming the cops are now going to bump up their efforts to catch Anastasia. 

Stupid Criminals!!!! Click here to see her photo.