Stupid Criminal Robs a Walmart and Makes a Getaway on a Mobility Scooter

July 27, 2016

A Guy Robs a Walmart and Makes a Wild Getaway on a Mobility Scooter

This is what happens when Walmart gets FAST and FURIOUS, baby.

A guy who looks like he's in his 40s stole a bunch of stuff from a Walmart in Tucson, Arizona earlier this month by putting it in the basket of his mobility scooter.  It seems like he needed the scooter for an injury, because he had crutches in his hand the whole time.

When he tried to drive out of the store, a female employee blocked him.  So after a little zigging and zagging, he used the scooter to run her into a wall.

Two other guys came over and grabbed him, but apparently his mobility scooter has some horsepower, because he managed to blast away from them and drive right out the door.  The cops are still looking for him.  

Click here to see the surveillance video.  


A Guy Gets Into a High-Speed Police Chase Because He Was Bored?

Someone introduce this guy to "Pokemon Go".  He clearly needs something to occupy his time.

A 30-year-old guy named David McNalley peeled out and blew through an intersection in Tumwater, Washington on Saturday night, right in front of a cop.  But when the cop tried to pull him over, David took off, and the high-speed chase was on.

A bunch of cops chased him for 49 miles, and they were finally able to stop him with some spike strips after an HOUR.

But when they arrested him and ran his name, they couldn't figure out why he ran.  He had a valid driver's license, he didn't have any warrants, and he didn't have any priors.  He told them the reason was, quote, "I was bored."

He's facing three counts of attempting to elude police, and other charges might be coming. 


If You Pour Water Off the Side of the Hoover Dam, It Goes Up?

We’ve got a new vacation spot for you to experience, maybe next year.  Since this summer vacation is quickly coming to a close. 

Put the Hoover Dam on your bucket list!!  The Hoover Dam is so big, it creates a crazy updraft.  So when you pour water over the side, it actually goes up instead of down, seemingly to defy gravity. 

Someone posted a slow-motion video where a girl pours a bottle of water over the side, and the wind's so strong, the water goes UP.

Apparently it's a tourist thing a lot of people do.  But it's cool to see it in slow motion. 

See it for yourself by clicking here.