Stupid Criminal steals stuff from work, then tries to sell it back to his boss!

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January 10, 2017

Stupid Criminals!!!

A West Virginia man is accused of stealing stuff from work, then trying to sell it back to his boss.

Authorities in Millersville say 37-year-old SHAWN FURNER stole tools from the auto repair shop he works at. Then, he allegedly called around trying to find another auto shop to sell the tools to.

Cops say Furner's incriminating mistake was accidentally dialing the shop he works at and trying to pitch the tools to his own boss.

Furner allegedly caught his mistake and hung up, but it was too late. His boss recognized his voice and turned him in.  Stupid Criminals!!!

Deputies recovered the stolen tools and charged Furner with felony breaking and entering and conspiracy to commit a felony.


85-Year-Old Man Saves 2 Women From Burning Car

85-year-old Lindell Marbut was at his home in Burleson, Texas on Sunday morning when a car came speeding toward his house, crashed into his front yard, flipped over, and burst into flames!

Two women were trapped inside and Lindell wasn’t going to let his old-age stop him from saving them.  So, he wobbled to the burning car, and used his walking can to break open a window, and pulled the driver out of the vehicle and into his garage – while his caretaker called 9-1-1.

Then, he went right back to the car and pulled-out the passenger and his caretaker helped him drag her to safety as well.

Both women were taken to the hospital, and are expected to make a full recovery.


Stupid Ways To Land

Am I the only one that thinks this is bad idea?!

JAMES BAKEMAN, a 59-year-old pilot from Grand Rapids, Michigan, was out flying and having a grand ol' time taking off and landing on frozen lakes.  He'd been doing it all day, gauging the thickness because there were ice fishermen on the lakes.

He landed his American Legen AL3C plane on Lake Murray and unfortunately, it didn't go so well and the plane broke through the ice. Bakeman was able to get out of the plane before it sank and was rescued by a nearby kayaker.