Stupid Criminal Steals Venetian Blinds and Hides Them in His Hoodie

You HAVE to see this picture!

October 19, 2016

A Guy Steals Venetian Blinds and Tries to Hide Them in His Hoodie

When you shoplift something too big to shove under your shirt, I guess you have to improvise.

A guy in Northampton, England stole a large set of venetian blinds from a store on Sunday afternoon.  He tried to hide them by stuffing them down the left leg of his pants, and up the back of his hoodie, with the hood covering the top.

A surveillance camera got a shot of him and it looks absolutely ridiculous.  I mean, he's a guy with a seven-foot pole jammed in his clothes, and it’s more than obvious.

Apparently it DIDN'T fool anyone, because some of the employees chased him.  He wound up getting rid of the blinds since they were slowing him down.

The cops are still looking for him, however, we have the awesome and totally hilarious picture of this master thief at work.  Just go to our website. . . . . .

Click here to see a picture of him with the blinds in his clothes.


A Woman Scams a Guy Into Buying a Gift Card - Then Uses It to Pay For Dates With Other Dudes

27-year-old Katherine Stonick from New Haven, Connecticut met a guy online, and they went on their first date to an Italian restaurant back in August.

And when they were finishing dinner, Katherine went over to the manager and asked for a $300 gift card.  He gave it to her and added it to the bill, and somehow the guy paid for it without realizing it.

Then Katherine went back there the next night with a DIFFERENT DUDE and she paid for THAT date with the gift card.  And then she went back the NEXT night to celebrate her birthday.

The first guy eventually figured out what happened and called the cops.  They managed to track her down on Friday and arrested her for larceny and illegal use of a credit card. 

Click here to see her mugshot.


Pet Patrol!

A seven-year-old boy bought himself a pony using money from his lemonade stand.

JULIANA KENT of Brisbane, Australia, says her son SABASTIAN worked hard for two whole years to save up for a horse.  Sabastian sold lemonade and saved all his birthday, Christmas, and TOOTH FAIRY money. In the end, it added up to over $2-thousand dollars.

Kent shot video of her son meeting his new pony TOM BOY for the first time.  Sabastian can be heard saying "It's awesome" as tears roll down his face.

The boy says he now needs to sell more lemonade to buy a saddle.