Stupid Criminal Vandalizes 100 Cars By Spray Painting His Name On Them

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November 9, 2016

Guy Vandalizes 100 Cars - Spray Painting His Name on them and Gets Busted By The Cops

This guy wound up getting arrested because he was either so vain or so absent-minded that he accidentally doodled his own name in the wrong place.

A 29-year-old guy named Robanson Nicolas from Lake Worth, Florida vandalized almost 100 CARS on Friday.  He spray painted some of them, slashed the tires, and broke the windows.

It was really that spray painting that got him, because he wrote "Robanson" on one car . . . and "Nicolas" on another one.

The cops connected the dots that maybe a guy named Robanson Nicolas was behind all this, and when they ran that name, they got his address!!!!  Stupid Criminals!!!!

He was arrested for criminal mischief. 


A Woman on Meth Sets Her Apartment on Fire, Falls Through a Ceiling, and Steals a Cop Car

Apparently when this woman does meth, it turns her into Jason Bourne.

The fire department in Alexandria, Minnesota got a call to an apartment on Sunday night about a small fire in the living room. At first they thought the place was empty.

It turns out 35-year-old Jennifer Hillard who was high on meth had set the fire, but then hid inside her ceiling tiles when they showed up.  Unfortunately for her, she CRASHED through to the floor and some cops caught her. 

They arrested her, cuffed her, and put her in the back of a cop car.  But as they were finishing up at the apartment, she managed to get her hands out, squeeze through the divider into the front seat and drive off in the cop car.

She wound up doing 120 miles-an-hour in a chase that FINALLY ended when some Minnesota state troopers got spike strips down.  Jennifer was charged with arson, theft, fleeing, driving while impaired, possession of a controlled substance, reckless driving, and speeding. 


The Hunter Becomes The Hunted

69-year-old Gary Heeter of Bend, Oregon is an avid hunter and on Saturday he was hunting in a very remote area of the Maury Mountains when he shot an elk. 

Well as all you hunters know, now you have to get your prize out of the forest.  Gary was pretty well equipped because he had a four-wheeler. 

As he was dragging the elk out of the woods, he went up a steep hill.  That’s when the four-wheeler tipped over.  Gary fell back on and he got impaled by the ANTLERS. 

Apparently he almost died, but he's in stable condition now.