Stupid Criminals!

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March 10, 2017

I’m Not Drunk, and I Can Prove It

21-year-old BLAKE PUCKETT is a student at the University of Central Arkansas and was driving home late one night when he was stopped by campus police.  

He had a rear tail-light out and considering he attends college, the officer asked if he had been drinking.  Puckett told the officer "no," and to prove his sobriety, started to juggle.

Quote, "I'm a magician, but I also juggle," he told the cops, and Puckett --who’s personalized license plate also reads: JUGGLER-- started flipping bowling pins in the air like a pro.

His entire juggling performance was captured on the officers' dashcam video.  It turns out Puckett was completely sober and the officer --who let him off with a warning-- said he thoroughly enjoyed the traffic stop and entertainment.

To see the video, click here.


A Drunk Driver Says He Can't Argue With the Breathalyzer Because "Physics Is Physics"

45-year-old Gregory Heilig crashed his car in Gainesville, Florida on Sunday and blocked a lane of traffic. 

When the cops got there, they gave him a breathalyzer test, and he blew a .233 and .237, which is about three times the legal limit. 

When they told him the results, he admitted he was driving drunk because, quote, "I can't argue with physics.  Physics is physics."

I'm not sure if they had the heart to tell him the breathalyzer test is actually chemistry. 

Stupid Criminals!!!

Anyway, he was arrested for DUI and damaging property.   Click here to see his mugshot.


A Guy Tries to Turn Himself Over to the Cops But Changes His Mind When They Take Too Long

A 35-year-old guy in Birmingham, England named Benjamin Partridge was wanted for assault last week, so he called the cops to turn himself in.

He even went so far as to take a cab to the police station.  But apparently they took their sweet time getting to him, and after 45 minutes, he got bored and took off.

Now he's on the run and the cops are trying to track him down . . . probably with a slightly higher sense of urgency.