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Super Bowl Winners Have to Pay the Tax Man

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March 9, 2017

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Super Bowl Winners Pay More in Taxes Than Most Americans Make in a Year 

A lot of things come with winning the Super Bowl.  The team receives The Vince Lombardi Trophy, you get a trip to Disney World, and we know that ain’t cheap!  You also get bragging rights, but let’s get to the good stuff! 

Every player the New England Patriots got a bonus of $107,000, yes, from Tom Brady down to the third-string rookies.  And they each got a ring worth an estimated $30,000.

That's great, except they were also hit with a $54,000 tax on that.  Which is more than a lot of Americans make in a year.  According to the Census Bureau, the median household earns about $52,000. 

The average salary for an NFL player is $1.9 million.


Are Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez A Couple? 

So all this time I thought JENNIFER LOPEZ and Drake were an item. 

Not so fast.  Several websites are reporting that she's stepping out with former New York Yankee ALEX RODRIGUEZ

A website called LoveBScott broke the story, saying they've been quietly dating for a few weeks.  It’s all because Jennifer caught DRAKE stepping out with a French model named Rosee Divine at the end of January. 

A-Rod has been linked to Madonna, Cameron Diaz, and Kate Hudson, and he just got out of a relationship with a tech CEO named Anne Wojcicki.


Vegas Has Donald Trump as the Favorite to Win the 2020 Election 

DONALD TRUMP is such a divisive president right now that a lot of people are assuming he has no chance in 2020. 

But those are probably the same people who counted him out in the last election, right? 

Bovada has DONALD TRUMP as the odds-on favorite to win the 2020 election.  Democrat Elizabeth Warren is second. 

That said, Bovada also gives Trump 5-to-6 odds of NOT finishing his first term.  That's a 54.5% chance.