Tabloid Trash:  Angelina Jolie Left Brad Pitt for a Billionaire

October 6, 2016

Plus more idle gossip and unconfirmed rumors with our "Dirt Alert!"


Tabloid Trash:  Angelina Jolie Left Brad Pitt for a Billionaire 

This is true Tabloid Trash, but it’s certainly entertaining.  Oh, and when you hear this, just consider the source: 

The "Star" says ANGELINA JOLIE left BRAD PITT for a 50-something-year-old BILLIONAIRE she met at a U.N. charity event. 

That's what led to the incident on that private jet last month, where Brad allegedly put his hands on MADDOX.  Angelina allegedly told Brad about her new man, he flipped, they started fighting, and Maddox intervened.

Meanwhile, "In Touch" magazine says that Brad and Angelina are preparing to let loose every dirty little secret they have on each other during their divorce battle.


Does Kanye Want Kim to Quit "Keeping Up with the Kardashians"? 

Radar Online says that KANYE WEST wants KIM KARDASHIAN to quit "Keeping Up with the Kardashians"

He thinks Sunday's robbery was the result of "the whole world keeping up with Kim's every move."  A source says, quote, "Kanye told Kim and her family that he thinks she is done with reality TV.  He does not want his wife and the mother of his kids killed because of her family's reality show."


The "Today" Show Got an Exclusive Look Inside Prince's Paisley Park 

PRINCE lived and worked in his 'Paisley Park' compound, just outside of Minneapolis, and yesterday the "Today" show had footage of Al Roker walking through it.

That's pretty cool because other than a few photos that had found their way online, not a lot of people had seen inside.  Roker even walks through a room that Prince once played basketball in, which had been converted into a mini club, complete with a stage where he could perform in front of a few guests.

As you've probably heard, Paisley Park is being turned into a Prince museum.

(Here's the video of Paisley Park.)