Talk About Overspending On Christmas!!

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December 14, 2016

Talk About Overspending On Christmas!

Some people take holiday spending way too far.

One of those people is Emma Tapping, who lives in England.

Last year she gained media attention after posting a photo of her kids’ 300 Christmas presents, which literally formed a wall around her Christmas tree and cost her about $1,900.

This year she's spending even more, saying she plans to give her 3 kids about 96 gifts each.   


A Woman Gets Into a Fight For Using Too Many Coupons at the Grocery Store

"Extreme couponing" is a very real thing. 

But someone using a million coupons and rebates and discounts is the WORST person to be stuck behind in the line at the grocery store.  Yes, even worse than the lady paying with a check.

A woman named Megan Wilson was at a Kroger grocery store in Memphis on Friday and she was using a bunch of coupons.  But it took a while, and a guy who was behind her in line started yelling at her.

Megan yelled back and eventually he pulled her hair and she fell over with her cart.  The guy ran out of the store, and the cops are trying to track him down. 


Two Guys Pocket Dial 911 and Talk About Robbing a Restaurant . . . Where the Police Chief Was Eating

Two criminals just got busted because of TWO simultaneous unlucky breaks.

Two guys, Robert Bourne and David Grigsby from Danville, Kentucky went to the pub and had way too much to drink.  Then, they decided to rob a barbecue restaurant.  So they parked outside of it and started laying out the details of their plan.

But one of them had accidentally butt-dialed 911, so the dispatcher heard everything.  And it turned out that the POLICE CHIEF just so happened to be eating at the barbecue restaurant at that EXACT moment. 

So the dispatcher called the chief, and he went outside and arrested the guys.  Stupid Criminals!!!!

So far they've only been charged with public intoxication, but more charges should be coming.