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Taylor Hicks Disses Daughtry!

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May 17, 2017

Taylor Hicks Disses Daughtry:  “Only Winners Should Judge”

Now that ABC is on the hunt for more “American Idol” judges, season 5 winner, Taylor Hicks, is chiming in.

There is a rumor that Chris Daughtry, who finished 4th in the same season that Taylor Hicks won, is being considered to be a judge on the new show.  Apparently, that upset Taylor Hicks, who told the press, “only winners should be judges.”

Not surprisingly, Hicks said that he'd judge if asked.  By the way, Daughtry is the third most-successful “American Idol” contestant. He sold over 4 million albums, and is reportedly worth $8.5 million.  Taylor Hicks is worth $2-million.


Are Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez Already Talking Marriage? 

JENNIFER LOPEZ and ALEX RODRIGUEZ have only been together since early March, but according to E! Online, they're ready to take the next step.

A source says, quote, "J-Lo and A-Rod are getting very serious and talking marriage.  J-Lo wants a future with A-Rod.  She would marry him if he asked.  She is head over heels for him.  They get each other in so many ways."

They both have two kids from their previous marriages.


Glenn Frey's Son is Joining the Eagles 

THE EAGLES have found their replacement for GLENN FREY . . . and it's Glenn's son DEACON FREY.

In an interview yesterday Henley said, quote, "Deacon is a very talented young man, and he seems to be up for the task."

He added, quote, "There's an old system both in Eastern and Western culture called the guild system, where the father is the master and the son is the apprentice.  The trade, the craft, the business is handed down from father to son.  I think it's the only appropriate way to carry on."