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Taylor Swift Called For Jury Duty

August 30, 2016

Taylor Swift Got Excused from Jury Duty Because of Her Own Sexual Assault Case 

TAYLOR SWIFT was called for jury duty in Nashville, and like a good citizen, she did her civic duty and showed up for selection yesterday.

She posed for pictures and video with people, and when prosecutors asked her profession, she said, "songwriter".  (Check out some pics here.)

But Taylor didn't end up having to serve.  The charges in the case are kidnapping, rape, and domestic assault, and Taylor is involved in a sexual assault case of her own.  So she told them she didn't think she could be impartial.

You may not recall, but a Colorado DJ sued Taylor, claiming he was fired from his job over a FALSE allegation that he grabbed her booty during a photo op.  But Taylor countersued him, claiming he DID fondle her.


Gene Wilder Has Died 

Legendary actor GENE WILDER passed away on Sunday at the age of 83.  His family said the cause was complications from Alzheimer's disease, which he was diagnosed with three years ago.

It was his decision to keep the diagnosis private, he didn't want the young Willy Wonka fans to worry about him. 

Obviously, Gene is best known for starring in the original "Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory", which came out in 1971.  He also did several movies with Mel Brooks . . . "The Producers", "Young Frankenstein", and "Blazing Saddles", and four others with Richard Pryor . . . "Silver Streak", "Stir Crazy", "See No Evil, Hear No Evil", and "Another You".

Is Vanilla Ice Coming to "Dancing with the Stars" 

Word has it that VANILLA ICE will take it to the extreme on "Dancing with the Stars" this season. 

It'll be interesting to see how he does, since he has experience both with dancing AND reality shows.  He was on the U.K. show "Dancing on Ice" five years ago, and he also had his own reality show.  ABC is making the official announcement on "Good Morning America" TODAY. 

Previously rumored names include:  International liar Ryan Lochte, Olympic gymnast Laurie Hernandez, and Amber Rose, just to name a few.