Teen Accidentally Blows Up His Car by Using Too Much Air Freshener

September 26, 2016

Teen Accidentally Blows Up His Car by Using Too Much Air Freshener

A 17-year-old kid in Duisburg, Germany smoked a cigarette in his parents' new Volkswagen SUV last week, then did what MILLIONS of teenagers before him have done:  He sprayed air freshener to cover up the smell.

But apparently this kid went a little TOO nuts with the air freshener . . . and he sprayed so much that the inside of the car became COMBUSTIBLE.

So when he opened the door and the interior light turned on, that tiny spark ignited the gas . . . and the car EXPLODED.  Fortunately the kid only wound up with burns on his arms. 


A Drunk Driver Says She Crashed Because She Wasn't in Her "Drinking Car"

You know you've got a problem when you buy a specific car JUST because of how it handles when you’ve had too much to drink!!! 

Apparently, that's exactly what this woman did.

A 55-year-old woman named Sharon Bidell from Tonawanda, New York crashed her 1965 Chevy Nova into a parked car when she was driving drunk on Wednesday night.

When the cops got there, Sharon admitted she'd been drinking . . . but she blamed the accident on the fact that the Chevy was, quote, "not my drinking car."

Unfortunately, the police report doesn't say what her "drinking car" is.  Sharon was charged with aggravated driving while intoxicated.  Click here to see her mugshot.


Hey, Look What I Found!!!

A guy in Spain found his wedding ring decades after losing it.

When AGUSTIN ALIAGA married his wife in 1979, he lost his wedding ring in the Mediterranean Sea.  

Fast forward 37-years.  Scuba diver JESSY NISOS found a gold wedding band while diving off the coast of Spain last month.

She posted a picture of the ring on Facebook and over 80-thousand people shared it.  It finally caught the attention of Aliaga and his wife, who verified the ring based on the date inscribed on it.  When Agustin's wife, JUANI, realized the ring had been found, she burst into tears.

Agustin says, "There is nothing more important and symbolic than the ring that we were married with."