Tennessee Teen Gets Into Yale Because Of Her Love Of PIzza

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June 1, 2017

Tennessee Teenager Is Accepted To Yale Thanks To Her Essay About Pizza

Carolina Williams, a recent graduate of Ravenwood High School in Brentwood, Tennessee, was accepted to Yale University thanks to her love of pizza.

Part of applying to Yale includes writing a short essay about a topic the school decides on.  Yale requested that want-to-be students write about something they love to do --  so Carolina wrote about how she loves to order pizza from Papa John's.

It probably didn’t hurt that she also ranked in the top 10 of her graduating class and participated in several extracurricular activities.

Despite her acceptance to Yale, the pizza-loving scholar has actually decided to attend Auburn University in Alabama instead, saying that the college seemed like a better fit and had better scholarships opportunities. 


Thieves Try to Steal an ATM Using a Blowtorch . . . and Accidentally Set the Money on Fire

Here's what happens when a bunch of amateurs try to pull off a crime that's only for pros.

A group of thieves tried to steal the cash box out of an ATM in Everett, Washington on Tuesday morning. 

The ATM was in the side of a wood building, so their plan was to cut through the wood, and then use a blowtorch to open the cash box.  But their tools worked a little TOO well and they accidentally set the MONEY on fire before they could get it out.

They ran away without any money, and now the cops are trying to track them down.  Stupid Criminals!!!!  Click here to see a picture of the ATM.


A Guy Who Got High By Huffing Glade Air Freshener Rear Ended a Police Car

If you're desperate enough, I guess you'll get high off ANYTHING.

A man in Seattle rear-ended a cop car at Sea-Tac International Airport last week.  When the cops started talking to him, they could tell something was wrong.  When they searched him, they figured out why.  The guy was high on GLADE AIR FRESHENER.

They found a can of the stuff in his pants pocket and they say he had, quote, "white discharge coming out of his eyes."  They asked him if he'd been huffing the Glade, and he said, quote, "Oh yeah, a lot!"

But even after that confession, he refused to take a breathalyzer, which is a shame.  All that air freshener, I’m sure would have made his breath smell flowery fresh. Stupid Criminals!!!!

He’s looking at several charges and may have to pay for the damage to the police car he rear ended!