Today's Stupid Criminal!

July 25, 2016

A Crime Author Commits a Bank Robbery That Goes Exactly Like One of His Books

This is either a great viral marketing stunt to drum up book sales, or this guy is SO, so dumb.

49-year-old author, Frank Wundsch of  Leipzig, Germany, writes crime novels, and he had one published in 2008 called "Beer, Money, and Tomatoes".

It’s about a guy who's desperate for money and robs a bank.  Then he takes off on a bike, changes into some clothes he hid behind an oak tree nearby, and gets away. 

Well, back in January, Frank made his book come true.  He was desperate for money so he went into a bank, pulled out a gun, and demanded cash.  He wanted everything from the safe, and it took 25 minutes to open, but he got $44,000.

Then he hopped on his bike to ride out to an oak tree to change clothes.  BUT in real life, the cops were already onto him after that LONG delay in the bank, and he was arrested right outside.   Stupid Criminals!!!

His trial is expected to be over by the end of this week. 


Hero of The Day!

Another day, another police officer that proved being a hero is just part of the job.

This time, People magazine reports TIM BOWEN and his partner were the first on the scene to an apartment fire, looked up and saw a group of children stuck inside.  

The San Antonio, Texas officer convinced three of the four screaming little ones to jump into his arms and the last little one --who is four-years-old-- was rescued by firefighters.

The 27-year vet believes the story went viral due to racial tension across America right now --he's white while the children are African American-- and says that race simply "doesn't matter."

Officer Bowen hopes that people will open their eyes and see "the good instead of the bad."


Two Paramedics Got Arrested for Taking Selfies With Their Most Messed-Up Patients

33-year-old Christopher Wimmer and 24-year-old Kayla Dubois are both paramedics in Okaloosa County, Florida.

Apparently they were having a "selfie war" with each other for the past year, where they'd pose for selfies with their PATIENTS to see who could get the funniest one, or they were trying to see who could get one with a patient who was the most JACKED UP, or in the most distress.

Like, one of Christopher's pictures was in front of an elderly woman with her breast accidentally exposed.  And Kayla took a video where she was smiling and laughing while a patient was flailing his arms and legs behind her.

They finally got busted last week, and they were both arrested on felony charges for illegal interception and disclosure of oral communications. 

Click here to see their mugshots.