Is Tom Brady Cursed?

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May 17, 2017

Superstitious Sports Fans

Fans of the New England Patriots are worried. 

Tommy Terrific (that would be TOM BRADY), their almost-40 year old QB, will grace the covers of JOHN MADDEN's NFL '18 video game. Why worry? Because of "The Madden Curse": a 20+ year old myth that began in 1998 when GARRISON HEARST broke his ankle shortly after appearing on the cover.

Since then, 17 out of the 20 players whose image has appeared have had shortened seasons or inexplicably poor performances following their cover debut. The legend has grown from a joke to the sort of superstition that has fans' campaign to keep their teams' stars OFF the product's cover.

By the way, Brady's selection marks the first time two players from the same team appear in back-to-back years; RON GRONKOWSKI -- was last year’s choice... he missed much the season due to injuries.


Talk About Getting Trashed!

A tiny, uninhabited piece of land in the South Pacific Ocean, called Henderson Island, is considered one of the most remote islands in the world.

It's also covered with the most garbage. Henderson Island is so remote that it's visited only every five to 10 years, and then just for research purposes.  And it has earned the dubious distinction of being the world's most polluted island.

Researchers estimate that 37.7 million pieces of plastic --amounting to 17 tons of plastic debris-- litter the beaches of Henderson Island.

The island sits near the center of the South Pacific Gyre ocean current, which means litter from South America or debris dropped by fishing boats culminates at the island.  

Just one beach on Henderson Island will have more than 3,750 new pieces of litter wash up every day.


Stolen Stroller Leaves Family Stranded!

A tough family outing for LAUREN COLAZO, of Miami, Florida. 

She and her family were having a great day at Disney World when their baby's stroller got stolen. (The baby was not in the stroller at the time.) 

However, it’s a Bugaboo stroller, worth about $18 hundred bucks, and it was taken while the family was on a ride.  All of the stuff underneath, their car keys, wallets and her nieces EpiPen were all taken.

They were stranded.  Disney pulled surveillance video and a warrant was issued for MICHELLE CRAIG of Spring Hill, Florida.  So far Michelle remains at large while the stroller was sold on Craig's List to a woman in Texas.