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Tom Brady's New Haircut Is the Butt of Jokes

Plus more with Mike and Mandy's Dirt Alert

August 31, 2016

The Internet is Having a Field Day with Tom Brady's New Haircut 

There are only three people who can make actual, legit news by changing their hairstyle:  Jennifer Aniston, Justin Bieber, and TOM BRADY.

Tom gave a press conference yesterday and just about everybody was mesmerized by his new coif. Here are some of the things they compared it to:

Megyn Kelly from Fox News says, “One of Tim Allen's kids from "Home Improvement”, Senator Elizabeth Warren, “Zach from "Saved by the Bell" or a guy from an '80s Molly Ringwald movie”, women's soccer star Megan Rapinoe, “One of the New Kids on the Block. 

You get the idea.  (Check out some of the memes and Tweets here.)


Chris Brown Was Arrested After a Nine-Hour Standoff With Police 

CHRIS BROWN was arrested after a NINE-HOUR STANDOFF with police at his L.A. home yesterday, and charged with assault with a deadly weapon. 

It all started early Tuesday morning, when a woman left the house and called police, claiming Chris had threatened her with a gun.

The alleged victim's name is Baylee Curran, and she told TMZ she was hanging out at Chris' house with several other people, including RAY J, and everything was cool until she saw a guy at the house selling jewelry.

She went over to admire the stuff, and Chris freaked out, telling her not to get near it.  Then he pulled a gun, pointed it at her, and told her to get out.  So she left and called the cops.   

When police showed up, Chris refused to come out.  That is until 9 hours later.  They took him to the police station and booked him.  (Here's video of her telling her story.)


Anthony Weiner's Latest Scandal Has Cost Him Two More Jobs 

ANTHONY WEINER's latest sexting scandal has lost him two jobs and a marriage. 

Weiner was a commentator on the TV station NY1, but they put him on "indefinite leave".  He'd also been writing columns for the "New York Daily News" since 2014, but they said they're not going to run his stuff anymore.

And his wife Huma Abedin cut off Weiner by officially separating from him. 

Anthony's first two sexting scandals cost him his seat on Congress, and his shot at being Mayor of New York.