"Total Eclipse Of The Heart" Hits #1 On iTunes

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August 22, 2017

"Total Eclipse Of The Heart" Hits #1 On iTunes Yesterday

Thanks to yesterday’s solar eclipse, Bonnie Tyler had a great day! 

Her 1983 hit, “Total Eclipse of the Heart” was #1 on iTunes yesterday – with sales of the song increasing by at least 503%.

In total, the song has now sold 1.6 million downloads.  Not bad for a 34-year-old song.


Taylor Swift Is Releasing A New Album

Yesterday, we told you about Taylor Swift deleting everything from her social media accounts. 

Fans were suspicious that it was a publicity stunt because she was going to release a new album – and they were right!!

Taylor will release the first single from her upcoming 6th album on Friday.  Multiple sources say the new song is more ‘pop’ than ‘country’ – and that the video for the song will also premiere later this week.

After dropping her new single, Taylor reportedly plans to head to the MTV Video Music Awards where her former friend Katy Perry is set to host and perform on Sunday.


Bill Cosby Hired Michael Jackson's Old Attorney for His Retrial 

When BILL COSBY is retried for the sexual assault of Andrea Constand, he'll have a brand new attorney representing him:  Thomas Mesereau

He's that lawyer with the long white hair who got MICHAEL JACKSON acquitted of child molestation charges in 2005.  He also helped ROBERT BLAKE beat his murder rap that same year.

When Cosby's first trial ended in a hung jury earlier this summer, and prosecutors announced they were retrying him, Mesereau said, quote, "I think it's a weak case.  It's a waste of time."