TV Psychic Miss Cleo Has Died

July 27, 2016

TV Psychic Miss Cleo Has Died 

If you watched any TV at all in the '90s, then you remember MISS CLEO, the psychic hotline pitchwoman with the Jamaican accent and the classic catchphrase, "Call me now!"

Well, she died yesterday morning after a battle with cancer.  She was only 53.  And she wasn't Jamaican.  She was born in Los Angeles and her real name was YOUREE HARRIS.

The psychic network she worked for collapsed under a probe by the Federal Trade Commission in 2003.  In 2006, she revealed that she was STILL offering her alleged psychic services.

She said, quote, "I have clients in New Zealand, Australia, a few in Toronto, a bunch all over the US, Jamaica, obviously.  Honey, that's how I make my money.  I've got kids and grandchildren;  I like being able to help."

(Check out a couple of her old commercials here and here.)


Latest Taylor Swift Drama

Taylor Swift’s new man, TOM HIDDLESTON did Comic-Con to promote "Kong: Skull Island".

However, sources say the studio banned him from bringing TAYLOR SWIFT, because they didn't want it to become a circus. 

Mariah Carey Likes to Enter Restaurants with Her Own Music Playing? 

MARIAH CAREY has a reputation for being a diva, so it's possible that the "New York Post"is right when they claim she will 'only' walk into a restaurant when her own songs are playing.

Mariah was in Italy last weekend, and went to a place called Ristorante Aurora.  Supposedly, everyone there was having a quiet meal, when some Mariah Carey song started blaring on the speakers and then she walked in with her fiancé James Packer.

Sadly, there's no word what song it was.  We can only hope it was "Hero".  A source says, quote, "She literally had an entrance song . . . [it seemed like her entourage] brought the playlist and asked the restaurant to play it."

Her songs played the rest of the night.