Umbrella-Sharing Company Has 300,000 Of Their Umbrellas Stolen

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July 12, 2017

Umbrella-Sharing Company Has Almost All Of Their Umbrellas Stolen

Apparently people can't be trusted to share umbrellas.  A Chinese man was inspired by bike-sharing businesses and created an umbrella-renting business called “Sharing E Umbrella.” 

He bought 300,000 umbrellas and created kiosks for people to rent them at strategic locations in 11 cities. To use the service, a person pays a $3 deposit, along with a 7-cent fee for each half hour that they use the umbrella before returning the umbrella to the kiosk. 

Great idea, right?  Nope.  In just two weeks, nearly all of his 300,000 umbrellas have been stolen and the business went bankrupt.


A Dad Gets Struck by Lightning During His Speech at His Daughter's Wedding

I hope this couple doesn't take this as a sign their marriage is DOOMED.

A guy named J.P. Nadeau was giving a speech at his daughter's wedding in an apple orchard in New Brunswick, Canada on Saturday.

And just as he told his new son-in-law that he was a lucky man . . . J.P. was STRUCK by LIGHTNING.  It wasn't even raining yet, and the storm clouds were moving in behind him so he didn't see them.

The lightning hit the sound system, traveled up through the microphone cord, and zapped him on the hand.  Fortunately, he's okay, but he does have quite the scorch mark on his thumb.   Click here to see pictures of him and his daughter at the wedding before the lightning incident.


A Guy With an Axe Is Arrested Outside a Radio Station When They Won't Play His Request

I just wanna let you know from the start, that we do still take requests.  I guess it all comes down to how you go about it. 

A man drove to Kiss 108 in Boston on Monday afternoon to request a song in person:  "My Axe" by Insane Clown Posse.  But, like every single other radio station in the country and the world, they don't play Insane Clown Posse songs.

And when they wouldn't play his request, the guy pulled out an AXE and some KNIVES, and demanded it.

The SWAT team came, and after a three-hour standoff, which included the guy fighting through a shot from a Taser, he was arrested without anyone getting hurt.

The police say he's going to have a psychiatric evaluation.