A Walmart Employee Gets Attacked by a Monkey in the Parking Lot

August 17, 2016

A Walmart Employee Gets Attacked by a Monkey in the Parking Lot

There's NO WAY Walmart is paying their employees enough to make something like THIS worth it.

A woman who works at Walmart in Lancaster, Ohio was in the parking lot on Sunday night when she was attacked by a MONKEY in a diaper.

Apparently it was someone's pet that had gotten out of the car and was now roaming around the parking lot.  And when the employee tried to grab him, the monkey got a little physical with her.  Fortunately he didn't bite her, and his owner ran out and grabbed him before things could get worse.

As far as we know, no charges were filed. 


Drunk Guy Goes to Pick Up His Impounded Car From the Police Station . . . and Gets Caught Peeing on the Wall

One way or another, this guy was probably getting arrested . . . he just picked the most comical option.

A 55-year-old guy named Joseph Wasylk went to the police station in Peoria, Arizona on Monday to pick up his impounded car.  Only he was drunk . . . and before he went inside to get the car, he PEED on the WALL of the station.

The cops came outside and caught him just as he was finishing up.  They could tell he was drunk, so they asked if he really thought it was a good time to get his car and drive it away.  And he told them, slurring, quote, "I am not incosicated."

He was arrested for indecent exposure.  Stupid Criminals!!!  Click here to see his mugshot.


A Genius Boy In Texas Has Become The Youngest Student EVER At Cornell

A 12-year old Texas boy named Jeremy Shuler has just become the youngest person ever to attend Cornell University.

His parents, who are both aerospace engineers, say he had a passion for learning from the start. He knew the alphabet and numbers at 15 months old and could read both English and Korean at 2.

At age 5, he was studying calculus.  At age 10 Jeremy graduated high school and scored in the 99.6 percentile on his SATs.

He was accepted to Cornell this spring on the condition that he lives with his parents – not in a dorm.

Jeremy hopes to get a PHD in both engineering and math.