Warren Buffet: The Super-Star of China

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April 6, 2017

Warren Buffet: The Super-Star of China

Who is the super star of China? 

Bigger than Britney Spears, bigger than Katy Perry, bigger than some soccer player from Europe!  That Super star is. . . . . . WARREN BUFFET!!!!

The Coca-Cola Company is making changes to its packaging in China by adding pictures of WARREN BUFFET to the cans.

The famous investor and billionaire is so popular in China, cans of Cherry Coke now feature his likeness.  Buffet reportedly has a huge fan base in China.

His company, Berkshire Hathaway, Inc, is also Coke's biggest shareholder. The 86-year-old Buffett has also been quoted as saying he drinks five Cokes a day.


Shia LaBeouf’s New Movie Has Now Sold Three Tickets In The UK

It’s safe to say that Shia LaBeouf can only go up from here.

His new movie, “Man Down” only sold one ticket on its opening day in the UK, earning just $8.70.

And now, the totals are in for the weekend box office.

Shia’s movie sold a whopping 3 tickets over the 3-day weekend. That includes the one ticket that was bought for Friday’s show.

Not surprisingly, the film will end its run today.


Is Pop Music Getting Faster Because Streaming Makes It Easier to Skip Songs? 

Is music streaming already having an effect on how songs are composed? 

Maybe.  A new study found that the average tempo of pop music is FASTER now.  It’s because listeners' attention spans are shorter, and streaming services make it easier to skip songs if they don't hit you right away. 

The study also found that vocals are starting much earlier in songs.