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Was Donald Trump Sabotaged By An Elevator?

August 1, 2016

Donald Trump Got Stuck in an Elevator, and Blames the Democrats? 

DONALD TRUMP got stuck in a hotel elevator before a rally in Colorado Springs on Friday. 

He was with nine other people at the time.  The local fire department rescued them by opening the top elevator hatch and lowering a ladder down so everyone could climb out.

The owner of the hotel says the elevator did NOT malfunction.  Apparently, they gave Trump's people a key so they could control it themselves, but they messed something up, and it triggered a safety feature that immobilized the elevator.

Once Trump made it to the rally, he ripped the same fire department that rescued him, because they weren't letting him exceed the capacity of the auditorium he was speaking in.  He suggested the fire marshal was a Democrat.


Paris Hilton is Worried She's a Terror Target 

Isn’t it sooooo cute how PARIS HILTON still thinks she matters! 

Paris is doing some DJ gigs in Ibiza . . . and in an interview with a local newspaper, she said she's worried she could be the target of a terrorist attack.  She said, quote, "The recent attacks in Nice and Germany are terrible, and I'm a famous person who could be a definite target for an attack and that is something that sometimes terrifies me."

But that's not going to stop Paris from doing WHATEVER PARIS WANTS TO DO. She said, quote, "I like to go out with my friends and be normal because I want to be like everyone else.  I'm not going to give up anything."

The Latest Drama Surrounding The Search For A New Co-Host For “Live”

ABC is reportedly narrowing-down the list of potential replacements for Michael Strahan on “Live,” but Rob Lowe, Jeff Gordon and Mario Lopez are apparently NOT on the short list.

A source told Page Six, quote, " After the whole thing with Michael, the producers want someone loyal. They want someone who is going to be in it long-term. They don’t want a self-promoter because they’ll end-up having to do this whole thing again in a year."