Wedding Singer Loses His False Teeth During Performance

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July 10, 2017

Wedding Singer Loses His False Teeth During Performance

The show must go on no matter what.

A man named Kevin Owens was singing during a performance at a Hotel in Cork, Ireland when he suffered the ultimate embarrassment.  He was singing a song and giving it his all – when halfway through his false teeth shot out of his mouth!!!

He continued singing, while an audience member picked up his teeth from the floor to show the rest of the crowd before popping them back into the singer's mouth.



Another Mid-Air Fight Between Passenger and Flight Attendant

23-year-old Joseph Hudek was on a Delta Airlines flight from Seattle to Beijing on Thursday night, and about an hour into the flight, he went a little crazy. 

He started trying to open the exit door, and he was PUNCHING anyone who tried to stop him.

Eventually, one of the flight attendants WHACKED him over the head with a WINE BOTTLE to stop him . . . and then a bunch of other passengers tackled him and held him down while the plane flew back to Seattle.

The U.S. Attorney's Office charged him with interfering with a flight crew.

According to Delta, it's a good thing his meltdown didn't happen any earlier into the flight, because if the plane had been at a lower altitude, he actually might've been able to get the door open.  Click here to see a picture of the mess around the emergency door.


A Woman Leaves Her Kid in a Hot Car, Then Asks Cops to Crank the A/C on Her Way to Jail

A 30-year-old woman in South Daytona, Florida named Colleen Walker left her 5-year-old son in a hot car last month while she shopped at a Dollar General store. 

The kid started screaming so someone called 911.  She did leave the driver's side window open, but the temperature inside the car still got up to 107 degrees, and he was in there for almost 30 minutes.

Colleen claimed he was only there for 12 minutes, and it wasn't a big deal.  But the cops checked the store's security footage, and he was actually there for 28 minutes, so they arrested her for child neglect.  And you KNOW they'll use this next part in court . . .

While they were driving her to the station, she complained that the back of the cop car was TOO HOT, and asked them to crank the A/C.   Stupid Criminals!!!

She's facing a maximum of five years in jail if she's convicted.