What celebrity just snagged the record for the most liked picture on Instagram?

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July 13, 2016

Celebs On Social Media

SELENA GOMEZ just snagged the record for the most-liked picture on Instagram. 

No surprise that it's PRODUCT PLACEMENT.  It's a shot of her drinking from a bottle of Coke through a straw, and it has 4 million likes.  Click here to see the picture.


Gwen Stefani's Concert Was Empty?

At least her love life is doing well. 

Gwen Stefani is busy touring the country on her “This is What Love Feels Like” concert tour – and ticket sales are terrible.

Earlier this week she played the Xfinity Center in Boston – and the arena was practically empty.  Only a couple-hundred people showed up (the arena seats over 18,000).

What’s even worse is that her concert promoter had lowered ticket prices from about $80 to just $40 – but it still wasn’t enough to draw a crowd.  Despite poor ticket sales, Gwen says she has no plans of canceling the tour.


Idle Gossip

KATIE COURIC didn't get the chance to perform her civic duty.

The NY Post's Page Six gossip column reports that Couric showed up at Manhattan Criminal Court for jury duty last week, but wasn't selected to serve for a very simple reason --the journalist asked entirely too many questions of the attorneys!

On the bright side, insiders say she was "super friendly" with fellow jurors.


Lamar Odom Was Taken Off a Flight Because He Was Drunk and Throwing Up 

LAMAR ODOM was hoping to fly from L.A. to New York on Monday night, but things didn't go as planned. 

Before he even got on the plane, he was in an airport bar pounding beer and whisky.  He was out of control by the time he got to his seat, and before the plane could take off, he had vomited TWICE.  Once in the galley and once in the bathroom, with the door open.

That's when he was escorted off the plane.  But 10 minutes later he got back ON, and took his seat again. But a few minutes later, he staggered to the bathroom again, using the heads of other passengers for balance.  That's when they booted him for good.