What Happens When You Mark A Package As Fragile

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May 8, 2017

Handle With Care!

What happens when you put a sticker on a package that says, “Handle with care”? 

It usually gets kicked around a bit.  A man in China shipped an antique bronze statue worth almost a million dollars via an express delivery company.  The statue, reportedly, is about three thousand years old.  He paid them $130 bucks to transport the antique and claims he told them to ship it with care.

It showed up in pieces and the insurance only paid him about $43-hundred bucks in damages.


A Guy Tries to Smoke Out Some Opossums and Accidentally Burns Down His House

A guy in Lancaster, Pennsylvania went to war with a group of OPOSSUMS who were living in his yard last week. 

On Wednesday night, he tried to SMOKE them out by lighting a pile of leaves on fire in his backyard.  But the fire got out of control and spread to his house and burned it down.  Fortunately no one was killed in the fire, but a firefighter had to go to the hospital with a shoulder injury.

There's no word on whether the guy accomplished his goal and got the opossums to leave or if he's going to be facing any charges.

And one more thing:  The fire department said he told them he also has a problem with bees.  Can't wait to see how he tries to deal with THEM. 


Drivers Ed

If the sign says you're too big, maybe you should listen to it.

A semi-truck hauling grain in Cresco, Iowa, ignored a sign on a bridge that said the bridge had a three-ton weight limit. The semi-truck weighed 10 times more than that and drove over the bridge anyway.  Any guesses on what happened?  The bridge collapsed!  Thankfully, no one was injured.