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What Happens When You Rob Ronda Rousey

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July 6, 2017

Ronda Rousey Gets Burglarized 

UFC fighter RONDA ROUSEY wants to kick somebody's butt, and here’s why. 

Turns out a couple of burglars got into her home in Venice, CA, and as she put it, "(were) squatting in my house for, like, three days, sleeping in my bed, stole my Olympic rings, stole my guns, stole all my precious jewelry, every headphone in the house, credit cards."

After reviewing their security cameras she and her husband saw "a bunch of kids with skateboards," so they immediately went over to the skateboard park near their home, saw the perps, notified the police and they were arrested.


Michael Jackson's Chimp is Now an Artist 

Remember MICHAEL JACKSON's pet chimp BUBBLES?  Well, he's an ARTIST now. 

Bubbles will be the STAR of an art exhibit opening in Miami on the 21st of this month.  It's called "Apes That Paint", and that's exactly what it is . . . an exhibit of paintings made by apes . . . specifically, apes from the entertainment industry.

It's a charity event to benefit a group called The Center for Great Apes, which takes care of "celebrity" apes after they've been retired.  That's where Bubbles lives.

Other residents include the chimps Jonah and Jacob, from Mark Wahlberg's "Planet of the Apes" remake, and Popi the orangutan, who played Clyde's girlfriend in the Clint Eastwood movie "Every Which Way But Loose.”


It Was A Really, Really Bad Joke

Guess who got a visit from the US Secret Service?

That would be KATHY GRIFFIN, who (as you undoubtedly remember) featured a photo holding what appeared to be the decapitated head of President DONALD TRUMP about a month ago.

Political journalist YASHAR ALI tweeted "Kathy Griffin has been interviewed by the Secret Service, in-person, for over an hour," and added that the investigation is "still not closed."

No word on when the visit from the Secret Service occurred, but Kathy herself tweeted recently that she was under "federal investigation." And the beat goes on....